When ClassPad is unable to complete a definite integral analytically

When asked to find a definite integral, at times the ClassPad is unable to complete the task analytically and give an exact result. The ClassPad may take a long time to calculate, and seem to be stuck, or may return an “insufficient memory” error message. At these times the ClassPad needs to be asked for a numerical (non-exact) result, rather than than an analytic (exact) result. This can be done two ways.

Integration via the Interactive > Calculation menu. First enter and select the function then choose the integral symbol from this menu. Select the Numeric option, as shown below.

The numerical result will be quickly calculated.

As you can see from the syntax above, the numerical evaluation of a definate integral includes a tolerance value, that tells the ClassPad how accurate it has to be. This can be used to make the definite intergral from 2D keypad perform a numerical computation. To do this, add a tolerance to the upper bound of the definite integral (seperated by a comma) as shown below:

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