What is the difference between the CASIO fx-82AU and the CASIO fx-100AU?

CASIO supply the Australian market with two scientific calculators, the fx-82AU and the fx-100AU. What is the difference? In the simplest terms, the 100AU has more functions than the 82AU but uses a more traditional entry mode.

These differences can be explained in more detail under three main points:

1. The 82AU provides the option to use latest in input method (natural display or MATH, for example fractions can be entered as fractions). You can, however, also use LINE input on the 82AU where the use of brackets becomes important. The 100AU only offers LINE input.

2. The 82AU’s functionality is largely a subset of the functionality offered by the 100AU. The 100AU offers more functionality, mainly involving higher order functions. For example binary computation, complex number computation (polar and cartesian) and a host more. You can see the extra functions at

3. The 82AU provides list-based Statistics input, whereas the 100AU does not.