My ClassPad gives an answer that is different to other ClassPads

There can be a number of reasons for this to occur. One is that a setting differs between the ClassPads. Another possibility is that ClassPads have different versions of operating systems.

Some important settings are visible at the bottom of the ClassPad’s screen – as shown below in MAIN mode. Changes to these settings will cause the ClassPad to give “different” answers, in particular when providing exact or decimalised values and when working with angles.

Other settings that may have a bearing on the output given by your ClassPad can be found under Basic Format. To see these settings, enter M and then tap O and select Basic Format.

If the settings of two ClassPads are identical and yet they give different outputs in the same circumstances, then there may be a difference in their Operating Systems. This can be checked by going to Y and tapping on System and then choosing Version (Software). A screen like the one below will be displayed:

If your ClassPad has an older Operation System and you would like to update it, detailed instructions can be found under the first question above. There is no cost associated with updating your ClassPad.

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