How do I solve a system of equations involving the calculus of functions using a ClassPad?

Information accurate for OS 3.06.1000.

If information is known about a function and/or its derivative, and the function contains unknown co-efficients, then that information can be used to determine the value of the unknown co-efficients.

In the example below, it is known that the quadratic function defined as f(x) has a turning point at (3,9). If we define g(x) as the derivative of f(x) then we have two equations, f(3)=9 and g(3)=0, and two unknowns, a and b. If we tap ~ then these equations can be entered, and the unknowns can be solved for, as shown.


If the number of equations exceeds the number of unknowns then the system of equations can still be solved, assuming that the equations are consistant.

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