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DOGBALL 2.0 – A Study of Bounce – Part 1

Dogball is an enigma. The bouncy toy exterior hides a rich yet accessible modelling task within; a delicious intersection of maths and science, a potential PSMT/Folio task for Stage 1 Mathematical Methods featuring low floor, high ceiling and room for …

DOGBALL 2.0 – A Study of Bounce – Part 2 (Solution)

Below is a video outlining a solution answering the questions posed in the resource “Dogball 2.0 – A Study of Bounce – Part 1“. It is not intended to be the best or only way to answer these questions. It …

Describing change (ClassPad)

This replacement unit introduces algebraic models (linear and simple exponential) to describe change in the world around us. The fitting of models to bivariate data is approached via the underlying properties of constant additive or multiplicative change. The unit contains a wealth of data drawn from a range of aspects of the modern world. Extensive notes are provided on the use of ClassPad technology. A .vcp file contains all unit’s data in a Spreadsheet, and also as Statistics variables.


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CGC11 Calculating loan repayments

This short video shows how to calculate loan repayments on a reducing balance, compound interest loan using the Financial app of a CASIO fx-CG series graphics calculator. CG20 AU and CG50 AU versions presented.

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Working with gradient – Explore and Think – with the fx-CG20 AU

In this Explore and Think activity students apply the mathematics of gradient to the world’s steepest street! Different representations of gradient are included, average gradient is calculated and, via a quadratic function of best fit, calculator derivative calculations and some manual calculus, a maximum gradient is found.
EAT activities include student worksheets accompanied by solutions/teacher notes that feature step-by-step support for the use of the CASIO fx-CG20 AU.

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CG514 Finding x and y values using a graph

This short video shows how to determine a function’s x and y values from its graph, using the Graph app of a CASIO fx-CG series graphics calculator. CG20 AU and CG50 AU versions presented.

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CG515 Changing a graph’s View Window

This short video shows how to change a graph’s View Window, using the Graph app of a CASIO fx-CG series graphics calculator, and discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of different View Window settings. CG20 AU and CG50 AU versions are presented.

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Optimisation (ClassPad)

When studying quadratic functions/calculus, do too many of your students find ‘optimisation questions’ hard? Have you ever wondered why? The booklet you can download here is the unit of work that supports the ideas presented in a number of workshops during 2011 and 2012 that outlined why students find the ideas hard. Basically, traditional teaching-and-doing approaches fail to focus on what is really happening: the measurement on one dimension and the subsequent calculation of other dimensions. Also, algebraic simplification turns out to be the devil – the patterns in the symbols are lost and so generalisation is not ‘seen’! The approach in the booklet supports the idea of each student developing a calculation and then comparing and contrasting to it other’s calculations – it is in this that the symbolic patterns appear and the generalisation literally reveals itself.


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Below you can access: DOGBALL.pdf – a currently-brief but mostly complete summary of the activity you experienced. vdbcgraw.csv – the csv file of the data we used in the activity – which is a subset of the data that was …

Mental-jaunt #1 (Feb 14, 2013)

To students (of all ages):

**jaunt (noun)**
a short excursion or journey for pleasure

**mental-jaunt (noun)**
a short mental excursion or mental journey for pleasure, nothing too heavy!

Have a go at mental-jaunt #1 – a wee journey with numbers.

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