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CP350 Using Sliders To Explore Functions

How to use sliders in graph and table to explore function transformations.

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CP172 Inverse Of A Function

Find the inverse of a function algebraically using invert and also view the inverse graphically.

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CP205 Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations 1

Solve simultaneously the equations 2x – 3y = -1 and x + y = 7 using a traditional step by step elimination method in Main.

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CP240 Restrict Range Of Solutions With Trig Equations

Two methods to restrict the range of solutions returned when solving trig equations in Main.

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CP250 Solve System Of Equations With 3 Unknowns

Use one of the 2D templates to solve systems of equations with 2 or more variables.

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CP990 Update ClassPad Operating System

How to update the operating system of your hand-held ClassPad using a Windows PC.

CP991 Computer To ClassPad Data Transfer

How to download programs, eActivities, csv files, pictures and so on into your handheld ClassPad from a Mac or Windows computer.

CP011 Simplifying and Expanding

Collect like terms and expand and simplify expressions such as 3(4-2x)^2.

CP012 Factorising

Factorisation of numbers and expressions (eg quadratics)

CP041 Sequence: What Is My Rule?

Use the sequence function in Main to find the defining rule for various sequences