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Older Model FAQs

Category: Older Model FAQs

In the Spreadsheet of a CASIO 9860, cells can contain either a numerical value, text or a formula. Each of these are entered in slightly different ways.

Numerical values can be entered directly from the keypad.

To enter text, start by putting the 9860 into ‘alpha lock’ mode. This is done by pressing SHIFT then ALPHA. The red text letters can then be entered.

All text entries need to start with the quotation marks (“). This symbol can be entered via EXP.

Text can now be typed, using the red letters above the keys as required. Note that SPACE is above the decimal.

Press EXE to complete your entry.

CASIO fx-9860GII Spreadsheet
Category: Older Model FAQs

At times when using the Solver of the 9860, a solution to the equation that differs from the one expected is obtained. This arises when the equation being solved has more than one solution, and the user is interested in one solution in particular.

Upon pressing SOLV, a solution other than 60 degrees is obtained

This value of x does in fact solve the equation, but the user was probably looking for the answer between 0 and 90 degrees.

To resolve this, the user can specify the range of x-values within which the Solver will search for a solution. This is done using the Lower and Upper bounds.CASIO fx-9860GII Equation Solver

Note: There is no way for the Solver to obtain more than one solution at a time. If multiple solutions need to be ‘seen’ simultaneously, other functionality is required, like the use of y

Category: Older Model FAQs

Problem: When graphing using my 9860, a “Syntax Error” appears as soon as the graph is drawn.

Likely Solution: There is a syntax error with a function that may not immediately visible in GRAPH mode’s display.

The 9860’s GRAPH mode displays four to five functions, but contains up to twenty functions. You can arrow down to see all twenty. These functions are graphed in order, meaning that if a later function contains a Syntax Error, the error message will block the graphs previously drawn. To resolve this, arrow down and delete or edit the offending function.

Syntax Error
Category: Older Model FAQs

Some of the reset options on the 9860-series of graphics calculators will result in the deletion of all Add-Ins. This includes the GEOMETRY mode, which is a pre-installed Add-In on the CASIO fx-9860G AU PLUS (and can also be installed on the fx-9860G AU).

To avoid this result, do not use RESET:Add-In, RESET:Add-In&Storage or RESET:Initialise All.

To clear all memory content except the Add-Ins, use RESET:Main&Storage.

If the Geometry Add-In has already been deleted, refer to the pdf provided for instructions on downloading the GEOMETRY Add-In file and installing it on a handheld 9860.

Category: Older Model FAQs

When functions of the form Y1=… are entered, the f key must be used for the variable X.

The ‘on-screen X’ above F5 should not to be used to enter this type of function. Its use will result in an Argument Error. 

Note: the two X’s are slightly different in appearance.

Category: Older Model FAQs

ClassPad is set to ‘Decimal’ and ‘Degrees’. To restrict solutions supplied to a certain domain use the | symbol and follow it with an inequality as shown in the image.

Note that the ‘restriction’ command can be placed in two different places.

Category: Older Model FAQs

If you own the ClassPad Manager for Windows OS 3.0 or later (32-bit) and require the 64-bit version, you can download it from Casio’s international site: https://edu.casio.com (free of cost) and install it on a PC running Windows 64-bit.

You must have a user account for this site (also free of cost) and be logged in. Navigate too, or visit https://edu.casio.com/download_service/download/class.php.

Tick the box as shown below and then click Next (bottom right)

You will be taken to the page (seen below). Click the link to download the software.

This will start the download of the installer file. When the installer file is fully downloaded to your PC double click the installer file and follow the instructions. You will be asked to enter an ‘install key’.

The install key you will require (if you have downloaded the software from the site above) is the install key from inside your original ClassPad Manager OS 3.0 or later 32-bit CD.

If you have any issues with this process, please contact us.

Category: Older Model FAQs

The operating system of the CASIO fx-9860G AU can be up-dated. If updated to OS version 2.0 or later then it will have much of the functionality of the 9860G AU PLUS. However, it will not have the natural input in Graph and Equation modes which is a feature of the PLUS model. It will also still differ from a PLUS model in terms of memory size and screen illumination.

To update the operating system visit the CASIO Worldwide Education Website at https://edu.casio.com/dl/ and follow the links.

Note: the update software is different for the 9860G AU and the 9860G AU PLUS models. Ensure that you use the correct update software for your model.

Category: Older Model FAQs

There can be a number of reasons for this to occur. One is that a setting differs between the ClassPads. Another possibility is that ClassPads have different versions of operating systems.

Some important settings are visible at the bottom of the ClassPad’s screen – as shown below in MAIN mode. Changes to these settings will cause the ClassPad to give “different” answers, in particular when providing exact or decimalised values and when working with angles.

Bottom of the ClassPad’s Screen

Other settings that may have a bearing on the output given by your ClassPad can be found under Basic Format. To see these settings, enter M and then tap O and select Basic Format.

ClassPad Basic Format

If the settings of two ClassPads are identical and yet they give different outputs in the same circumstances, then there may be a difference in their Operating Systems. This can be checked by going to Y and tapping on System and then choosing Version (Software). A screen like the one below will be displayed:

ClassPad Os Version

If your ClassPad has an older Operation System and you would like to update it, detailed instructions can be found under the first question above. There is no cost associated with updating your ClassPad.

Category: Older Model FAQs

When asked to find a definite integral, at times the ClassPad is unable to complete the task analytically and give an exact result. The ClassPad may take a long time to calculate, and seem to be stuck, or may return an “insufficient memory” error message. At these times the ClassPad needs to be asked for a numerical (non-exact) result, rather than than an analytic (exact) result. This can be done two ways.

ClassPad Insufficient Memory Error

Integration via the Interactive > Calculation menu. First enter and select the function then choose the integral symbol from this menu. Select the Numeric option, as shown below.

ClassPad Integration Calculation Menu

The numerical result will be quickly calculated.

ClassPad Definite Integral Output

As you can see from the syntax above, the numerical evaluation of a definite integral includes a tolerance value, that tells the ClassPad how accurate it has to be. This can be used to make the definite integral from 2D keypad perform a numerical computation. To do this, add a tolerance to the upper bound of the definite integral (separated by a comma) as shown below:

2D keypad Definite Integral
Category: Older Model FAQs