fx-82AU PLUS II & fx-100AU PLUS 2nd edition Scientific Calculator Emulator

fx-82AU PLUS II & fx-100AU PLUS 2nd edition Scientific Calculator Emulator – Windows & macOS


Tailored Features for Every User

The CASIO fx-82AU PLUS II 2nd edition is designed with a straightforward interface, making it the go-to choice for students who need a dependable tool for their studies. It simplifies complex mathematical operations with ease. Similarly, the fx-8200 AU takes the straightforward design of the fx-82AU PLUS II, building and improving on the model’s simple and easy-to-use interface while also adding advanced functions, offering a broad range of functions for tackling more intricate calculations, ideal to take you from lower level to secondary to higher education and professional settings.


Elevate your efficiency with CASIO

CASIO emulator software allows for easy demonstration in front of the classroom. The CASIO fx-82AU PLUS II is available for Windows and macOS, ensuring compatibility and convenience.

Casio’s easy-to-use interface allows you to easily explore mathematical functions, modeling and equations and our diverse range of educational calculators, including various scientific models suitable for all year levels from middle to higher secondary. Should you ever need replacement parts for your calculator, feel free to check out our spare parts for anything that you may need to maintain the top-notch quality of your calculator.

Visit CASIO Education Australia for free emulator software tools that complement your educational and professional needs. The Prime Schools Plus program is freely available to teachers in the Australian curriculum.


1. Strong support for educational-material preparation and the teaching process

Provides strong support to teachers with many of the functions most appropriate and needed for educational-material preparation and the teaching process, including functions such as screen capture, zoom display, and key logging functions.


fx-AU PLUS Display


2. Installation can be done separately for each model to be used

Various models are available.
Each model can be installed one by one and introduced in the classroom as necessary.

fx-ES PLUS Emulator Models


What is the CASIO FX-82AU PLUS II 2nd edition Scientific Calculator Emulator?

The emulator is a software version of the CASIO FX-82AU PLUS II 2nd edition Scientific Calculator, allowing users to access its functionalities on Windows and macOS devices. This software is ideal for demonstrating mathematics syllabus in your classroom.

How do I install the emulator on Windows or macOS?

Download the emulator from the official CASIO Education Australia website. Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions for installation. To activate the software for longer than the 3-month free trial period, you will need a license code. License codes are freely available through the Prime Schools Plus program – a free-to-join program for Australian teachers and tutors.

Is the emulator compatible with both FX-82AU PLUS II and FX-100AU PLUS models?

The emulator is specifically designed for the FX-82AU PLUS II 2nd edition. Compatibility with the FX-100AU PLUS model varies, so please check the software details for more information.

We recommend using the fx-8200 AU emulator software to display complex number or vector calculations, statistics and regression information to name a few. If you have a question about the fx-8200 AU emulator, get in touch with us.

Can the emulator be used for educational purposes?

Absolutely. The emulator is an excellent tool for teaching and learning, offering the same functionalities as the physical calculators in a more accessible format.

Are there any tutorials or guides available for using the emulator?

Yes, CASIO Education Australia provides a range of tutorials and guides to help users navigate and make the most of the emulator’s features. If you have a specific question that you can’t find the answer for, please get in touch!

What are the system requirements for running the emulator?

The emulator requires a compatible Windows or macOS device with sufficient RAM and processor speed. Detailed system requirements can be found on the CASIO Education Australia website. Please ensure you check the software operating disclaimer to ensure you can use the correct software on your specific device.

Can I use the emulator for exam preparations?

Yes, many teachers use the emulator software in exam preparation when demonstrating in front of their classroom.

Additional information

Scientific Calculator Model

fx-82AU PLUS II 2nd Edition, fx-100AU PLUS 2nd Edition

Operating System

Windows, macOS

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