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Pigs, Pens and Mathematics

Pigs, pens and mathematics is a two to four lesson, tried and proven, activity that moves students from measurement-thinking to functional-thinking with the help a simple but rarely used idea – do not evaluate a calculation.

A small, but authentic and enlightening use of electronic technology is made.

It would fit perfectly in a measurement topic at any of the years 8 to 11.

In this collection of resources you will find:

a) a two-part introductory video, that can be played to the class to kick things off,

b) one support video that shows “how to” do the technical stuff on the CG 20 AU,

c) one support video that explores the mathematical ideas that can be developed with the help of the technology,

d) one ‘task sheet’ for students to work on after watching the videos or being instructed by the teacher,

e) a complete ‘unit of work’ that allows students to consolidate the mathematical ideas and skills they have learned.

The assignment below offers students the chance to apply what they have learned in the learning sequence shared in the above videos.

This video outlines how to make a table of values on the CASIO CG 20 AU.

This video presents one way to think about two abstract mathematical ideas where a rapidly produced table of values dramatically assists in mastering a way to think about the ideas.

A fully developed ‘text-book chapter replacement unit’ that would help students to consolidate the ideas presenting further can be found here.


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