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Maths Methods week 2

Started Monday with a consolidation lesson working review questions from chapter 1 together. Then on Tuesday we did the Transformations activity. All the students just worked through it at their own pace and I was able to walk around having individual and small group conversations. They really needed the time to play with the material and appreciate what a transformation of a function is doing. I was surprised that it took as much time as it did and I suppose this is because while they were able to perform many of the manipulations they were understanding in a different way.

Student A talking about using the activities after just a week and a half “You are learning as you are doing it, it’s different to doing lots of exercises that are the same.” A few lessons later one of my strugglers commented “I understand now how to draw the functions, I never understood before”.  I think a crucial part of the learning comes from the complexity of quickly moving to complex situations rather than trying to drill a small part and then another small part. It is the complexity that allows the students to integrate the knowledge and develop understanding through the connections they make.

The rest of the week has been spent practising in more traditional ways. Next week introduce matrices and apply them to linear transformations. Here the CAS will be really useful supporting the visual and algebraic representations at the same time.

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