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Maths Methods U3&4 Week 1

A little background: The class had two weeks of orientation at the end of last year before I was employed at my new school. They are using the Cambridge texts and these have formed the basis of the course outlines. During orientation they had done some work on functions, about half of chapter 1.

The students have tablet PC’s and I’ve setup a class OneNote using Office 365. I can then print the activity pdf to OneNote and have the students access the activity without needing to provide a print copy. They can also copy the page to a space where they can edit it on the tablet, i.e. write in their answers directly using the tablet stylus.

Activity: Composite functions
Study design reference:
They were able to do this quickly and demonstrated familiarity with Define etc. It was still useful to emphasise notation and use Main for function evaluation.

Activity: Domain and Range of Composite functions
Study design reference:
This was much more challenging. The concepts were being learned as we went along and I rushed it a bit so students didn’t complete the activity. The structure of graphing first and then stating domain and range worked well and we had some good discussions as to why that was occurring and this has transferred well.

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