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Developing ways-of-thinking about the ideas that form calculus

The sequence of learning presented at the face-to-face workshop aims to assist students to develop the optimal ways-of-thinking about the ideas that underpin calculus.

Given that the delivery of this sequence is mostly discussion based on things seen in the video and then images (available in the summary document for Day 2), it is likely that the video and summary materials available here will be of most use to folks who have attended a face-to-face workshop during which the delivery of this sequence was modelled and discussed.

The summary documents were made as a summary for the students who took part in this classroom experiment. They received them the day after the delivery of each set of ideas. Hence, a lot of detail is missing.

The author has used this sequence with students prior to them beginning a ‘formal’ study of calculus.

summary Day 1 and quiz D2

summary Day 2 and quiz D3

summary Day 3 and D4 problems

storm plot

Day 2 ideas_images


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