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Build equations

Key concepts: Perform step by step manipulations with equations. Start with a value of a pronumeral and then build up an equation. This follows on from the previous activity and the idea of equivalent expressions and supports the concept of maintaining equivalence by doing the same thing to both sides of an equation.
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  1. March 12, 2017

    Worked through this last lesson as an intro to solving equations. I wanted to have my students appreciate doing the same thing to both sides of an equation and to feel confident to try out different operations and hopefully they would then move into solving equations more confidently.
    I also wanted to focus on the setting out of by-hand solutions and I could do this by pointing to the output side of the screen and emphasise that this was the way mathematics is written in text books. For this group there is a strong prior learning of writing the arithmetic on both sides which has the result of making their written work difficult to read.

    I began the session with the whole group asking them to do the same as I was doing using their ClassPads. There were a few small issues, as always. Incorrectly entering a –> 13 rather than 13 –> a, having a stored variable that needed to be cleared. I felt the idea of building an equation worked really well and I was able to talk about what the calculator was doing without being distracted by the goal of reaching a solution.

    Having students create their own equations was good reinforcement, I think I would ask students to start with different numbers next time so they then had a real problem to pass on to a classmate to unravel.

    Once they were onto solving equations I attempted to insist they write down what was on the right side of the display. For some this was a challenge. so there is still more to follow up with there.
    We then moved on to some text book exercises which were somewhat trivial by comparison. First impressions are that it was a successful lesson and I’ll see how the unit progresses.

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