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As Big As Can Be

The introductory videos introduce students to a complete unit of work, a study of quadratic functions. The unit starts with a geometric optimisation problem (paper folding) that prompts students to ask the question “is that as big as can be?” This question drives the generation and use of an algebraic model for the geometric system and provides a natural purpose for the vertex form of a quadratic function.

The unit then focuses on families of quadratic functions, using technology and algebraic techniques to appreciate their graphical and algebraic characteristics.

Below you will see two videos that can be used by teachers to get an idea of how to start the unit, or can be used in class as a ‘prop’ to run the first few lessons. They are hopefully also viewable by students independent of a class situation.

A ‘chapter replacement’ booklet, complete with e-tech support and answers to questions can be downloaded below.

The replacement unit: