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Exam Solutions | 2022 VCE Methods Exam – Section A & BNEW 

These approaches incorporate the use of CAS as well as ‘by hand’ solution methods. At times, two alternative methods are presented.

Providing two solutions is intended to encourage a conversation between teachers and students about the most discerning and efficient way to tackle exam questions.


VCE examination questions and Assessor Report extracts reproduced by permission, © VCAA. VCE is a registered trademark of the VCAA. The VCAA does not endorse or make any warranties regarding this study resource. Past VCE exams and related content can be accessed directly at www.vcaa.vic.edu.au


Check out our playlist below:

Section A, Question:

Section A, Questions 1 to 5:

Section A, Questions 6 to 10:

Section A, Questions 11 to 15:

Section A, Questions 16 to 20:


Section B:

Section B, Question 1:

Section B, Question 2:

Section B, Question 3:

Section B, Question 4:

Section B, Question 5:

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