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How to calculate with trigonometryNEW 

Use the Calculate app to perform trigonometric calculations in degree and radians and make changes to angle settings.   Next up >> How to work with angles in degrees, minutes, and seconds

How to work with angles in degrees, minutes, and secondsNEW 

Use the Calculate app to convert angles between ‘degrees, minutes and seconds’ format and decimal format.   Next up >> How to calculate with fractions.

How to calculate with fractionsNEW 

A range of calculations with fractions and their conversions into other formats can be performed using the calculate app on the fx-8200 AU. This short video will take you through calculating with fractions, converting fractional forms, and editing fractional input. …

How to generate random numbersNEW 

Use the Calculate app to generate pseudo random numbers, decimals between zero and one as well as integers over a range of your choosing, including the sum of random numbers.   Next up >> How to calculate in scientific notation 

How to verify the equality of expressionsNEW 

This short video takes you through how to verify equality of expressions on the fx-8200 AU, using the calculate app. Firstly, place into verify mode and use it to verify the truth or otherwise of a range of mathematical statements. …

How to change calculation settingsNEW 

Change calculation settings of a fx-8200 AU. Included are sections on changing input/output settings, changing angle unit, and changing number format, as well as how to reset settings and data.   Next up >> How to calculate 1-variable summary statistics

How to use a table to solve f(x)=g(x)NEW 

Generating a table of values using an fx-8200 AU is useful, particularly when you’re wanting to define functions, say for financial calculations like investments. Equipped with a function key, marked with the ‘f(x)’ it’s a simple process to define the …

How to calculate with vectorsNEW 

Use the Vector app to perform a range of calculations with vectors. Included are sections on defining vectors, calculating dot and cross products, scalar multiplication, and vector addition.  

How to change your answer into decimal formatNEW 

The fx-8200 AU gives exact values when it can, meaning we get can answers involving fractions, surds, and pi by default. While this is great in many ways, there’s times where you’re going to want decimal answers rather than an …

Scientific notation & memory functions on a Casio fx-82/100AU PLUS 2nd edition scientific calculator

This short video uses scientific notation to consider just how big a googol is, with help from a Casio 2nd edition fx-82/100AU PLUS. Included is some sensible use of calculator memory functionality to store and recall numerical values.

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