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CP350 Using Sliders To Explore Functions

How to use sliders in graph and table to explore function transformations.

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CP250 Solve System Of Equations With 3 Unknowns

Use one of the 2D templates to solve systems of equations with 2 or more variables.

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CP240 Restrict Range Of Solutions With Trig Equations

Two methods to restrict the range of solutions returned when solving trig equations in Main.

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CP172 Inverse Of A Function

Find the inverse of a function algebraically using invert and also view the inverse graphically.

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CP205 Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations 1

Solve simultaneously the equations 2x – 3y = -1 and x + y = 7 using a traditional step by step elimination method in Main.

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CP042 Eliminate Function

Eliminate one variable from an equation using another equation.
Example: If x=8-2t and y=6t-1 find an expression for y in terms of x.

CP041 Sequence: What Is My Rule?

Use the sequence function in Main to find the defining rule for various sequences

CP703 Geometry – Line Segment Midpoint

Draw a line segment between two points A and B and construct its midpoint.

CP044 Edit and Delete User Defined Functions

Managing your own user defined functions such as those created in the previous topic.

CP012 Factorising

Factorisation of numbers and expressions (eg quadratics)

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