Shriro Australia Releases New 2nd Edition Casio Scientific Calculators

New Casio Scientific Calculators with Simple Design and Enhanced Ease of Use


fx-82AU PLUS II 2nd Edition                           fx-100AU PLUS 2nd Edition


Sydney – Monday 4th May 2020 – Today, Shriro Australia, the official Australian distributor, announced immediate availability of Casio fx-82AU PLUSII 2nd Edition and Casio fx-100AU PLUS 2nd Edition Scientific Calculators in the Australian Education Market, enabling owners of the current fx-82AU PLUSII and fx-100AU PLUS models to immediately upgrade to the latest release.

The trusted and affordable AU Series has been specifically developed for the Australian curriculum. The second edition models have received approvals from standards authorities such as NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and the Office of Tasmanian Assessment Standards and Certification (TASC), for immediate use in 2020 examinations. The calculators also meet the capability requirements outlined by VCAA, SACE, QCAA and SCS for use in their respective curricula.

With the release of this second-generation AU Series, which are marked by a “2nd edition” inscription, Casio has updated the design of the calculators for the first time since 2013 for the Australian market. With rounded corners and edges for a better fit in the hand, the body has been reshaped to enable the hard cover to be slid on from either the top or bottom of the calculator. The cursor keys are accented with a special textured surface around the keys. High-visibility fonts and high-contrast printing colours enhance ease of use. The four separate cursor keys replacing the old single four-way cursor button makes it easier for users to press the keys.  These enhancements are being recognised worldwide with Australia among the first to follow suit.

This new generation of AU series will be available for purchase by schools and students in Australia through most Australian calculator suppliers, in-store and online. To receive a comprehensive list of suppliers, please contact edusupport@shriro.com.au.

Casio has long been an established supporter of teachers and students that use their technology.  For those schools using Casio or planning to use Casio, all teachers are able to get access to a free 2nd edition calculator and emulator, as well as a number of free resources and teaching tools.  These are all readily available through the Casio Edu Australia Prime Schools PLUS program. For details on how to join Prime Schools PLUS, please visit our PSP Program Benefits page.