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Education Calculators

Our range of education calculators has been specifically adapted to meet the standards for the Australian curriculum.

With a vast array of resources to help in the classroom, check out why Casio is Australia's Number 1 education calculator.

Emulator Software

Emulators are a critical tool for Mathematics teachers in Australia.

We support schools and teachers who use our range of Education Calculators with the latest computer software available for educating students in the Australian curriculum. See what software is available for your device.

Office Calculators

Our office range of calculators is the perfect mix of colour, style and durability.

Whether you are at a desk, worksite or working in a shop, our calculators are built with the right mix of functions to help with those tough calculations.


For the organised and disorganised!
Our label makers are perfect for getting any of your at home or office items back in order.

From labelling school books to making sure your receipts are ready for tax time, we have the label for you.